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1Products For Doctors

Affordable Ultrasound Imaging Solutions

Pyramid Medical

Clearview Ultrasound

Ameritech Medical


Cezno Corporation

Encore Technical 
Services, Inc.

Integrated Medical

Locators, Inc. 

Priority Medical Ultrasound

Ultrasound Informant

Global Medical Imaging 

Millennium Technologies

Comprehensive Biomedical 
Services, Inc.

Grogan's Healthcare

Multigyn BioClin 

PCI Medical Supply


Logic Medical Solutions

Merit Pharmaceutical


International Rx 
Specialty Company 


Bidets of America

Multi-Gyn USA

Lake Consumer 
Products, Inc. 

Play Safe Thong 


Alphabet Road /
GoBabies — 
Educational Videos

Bear Booster
LaRoche Brothers, Inc.
Polar Bear and Teddy 
Bear Booster Seats.

Bear View
Infant Mirror

Beautiful Baby
Custom-designed bedding

BellyBra by T&J Designs
Maternity support garment

Clean Shopper
Shopping Cart liner made 
of 100% 
cotton-quilted fabric

CMO Inc. 
Maternity & 
Postpartum Supports 

Dr. Merry's PottyPal
Toilet training system &  accessories 

Double Blessings
Nursing & Bottle 

Dutailier Inc. 
Manufacturer of Glider Rockers 

Hug Me Joey
Insert for preemies and newborns in carriers 

Kalencom Corp.
Innovative diaper bags

GoCozy fleece-lined travel wrap

Lucon Kids / Busy Belt
Busy Belt Play Center

Mommy's Helper
Toy & Bottle Keeper™ 
bottle & toy straps 

A line of sporty, 
comfortable, and colorful Italian strollers 

Plush animal toys. 

Perfect Memory Publications
Child memory album with fabric cover

Prenatal Cradle
Abdominal back supports: Full line for pregnant women

ProudBody —
Pregnancy Belly Cast Kits

BabyBjorn, AeroSleep, Lascal, DiaperDekor 

Samsonite Juvenile Products
Traveling and Diaper Bags

Theraline / Big V Pillow
Nursing and Maternity pillows

Potties, low-profile swings and accessories

Tots In Mind
The Baby's BugNet™ dual net system for use with most cribs, port-a-cribs, playards, bassinets, carriages, tandem strollers & strollers

Unisar Inc. 
BébéSounds® - Movement Sensor, FirstSounds®, Remote Fever Monitor, Ear Thermometer, & more. 

Universal Leads 
1st Time Pregnant Womens List 

Water friendly baby carrier 



Your OB/GYN: Your Partner in Health Care

Female Reproductive Organs

The Breast — Disorders 

Boys' and Girls' Concerns About Puberty 

Especially for Teens: Birth Control

Especially for Teens: You and Your Sexuality 

Contraception and Adolescents


Menstrual Hygiene Products

Especially for Teens: Your First Ob-Gyn Visit

Adolescent Pregnancy - Current Trends and Issues

Especially for Teens: Having a Baby

Hormonal Contraception: Injections, Rings and Patches 

Emergency Contraception 

Information on Emergency Contraception Pills (ECPs) 

Birth Control 

Birth Control Pills

How Do I Know if I'm Pregnant?

The Pap Test

The Importance of a Pap Test

Evaluating Infertility 

Nutrition During Pregnancy

Routine Tests During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Group B Strep

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Illegal Drugs and Pregnancy

Smoking During Pregnancy

Changes During Pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy 

Easing Back Pain During Pregnancy

Tips for Pregnant Women to Prevent Low Back Pain

Fetal Ultrasound 

Anesthesia and You: Planning Your Childbirth 

Disorders of the Cervix

How to Tell When Labor Begins 

Birth Labor 

Labor & Delivery

Anesthesia and You: Planning Your Childbirth

Cesarean Birth 

Cesarean Section 

Delivery by Caesarean Section

Brachial Plexus Injuries during birth
Information Page

Having Twins

Apgar Scores and your baby

Birth and the First Moments After

Bonding With Your New Baby 

Breast feeding Your Baby 

Infant Feeding

Car Safety for You and Your Baby 

The Menopause Years

Alternative Therapies for Managing Menopausal Symptoms

Questions and Answers on Hormone Therapy
In Response to the Women's Health Initiative Study Results on Estrogen and Progestin Hormone Therapy 

Hormone Replacement Therapy:  Benefits, Drawbacks & Risks

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Introduction

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women with Previously 
Treated Breast Cancer

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Forms and Administration

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Making the Decision

JAMA Patient Page: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy - Therapeutic Options

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women Treated for 
Endometrial Cancer
SPANISH  Language 

El control de la natalidad (Birth control)

Cómo saber cuando está próxima a dar a luz

La nutrición durante el embarazo (Nutrition during pregnancy)

La diabetes y el embarazo (diabetes and the pregnancy)

Cómo prevenir enfermedades de transmisión sexual
(How to prevent diseases with sexual transmission)

Mamografía (Mamography)

Preguntas y Respuestas Sobre la Terapia Hormonal
Una respuesta a los resultados del estudio de La Iniciativa de Salud de la Mujer sobre la terapia hormonal con estrógenos y progestagenos. 
(Questions and Answers on Hormone Therapy: In Response to the Women's Health Initiative Study Results on Estrogen and Progestin Hormone Therapy)

Los análisis de VIH y el embarazo
(Tests for HIV during pregnancy) 

Parto por Cesárea (Childbirth by Caesarean) 

Prueba de suero materno para detectar defectos de nacimiento
(Test of maternal serum to detect birth defects)

Dr. Claudine S. Roura, M.D.
Roura DermSurgery 
New Standards in Liposuction,
Body sculpting
& Contouring



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